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So glad to hear from you. I was a bit worried about you and Keith. I know Dad has been thinking about you guys to as he has asked me if I have heard from you yet. I told them no not yet, however theres been times where weeks have went by before the next post. So glad to hear most all is well with Keith. So sorry he is in pain. I have heard that about those pain patches too. So he will have to give them a try.

Dad went to the doctors yesterday and got his first IV of zometa for the bones. I am not sure if it has had any effect as of the mild side effects on him yet. As they say the first few can give you side effects. I guess to that his other kidney isnt working totally where the doc would like it but gave him the IV anyway. So its really not that bad I guess. As one of the side effects is it effects the kidneys, dehydration and flu like symtoms I guess for a few days after.

As far as the weather down there. Yes they have said its been nice. Dad has went out a few times on his boat. Really didnt catch much I guess. Doesnt matter as long as hes doing it. I wish I was in that weather too. LOL :(

HAve a great day and hope to hear from you again soon.
Thoughts and prayers are with you,
Wendy and Dad :angel: