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Taape, my Dr. and I have had lengthy discussions about osteoporosis treatments in the past, but he never mentioned PPIs. I don't have stomach problems so maybe that's why he didn't bring it up. I did find mention of them in the prescribing info (PDF) available on the Boniva site, but I didn't really understand it.

Boniva is absorbed in the upper GI tract, and plasma concentrations peak within 30 minutes to 2 hours after dosing. It binds immediately to the bones, and anything left over is excreted with urine. It seems to clear out of the GI tract pretty quickly if I'm reading the PDF correctly.

When I was first Dx'd, my oncologist wanted me to do infusions of Zometa to give my bones a boost before putting me on an aromatase inhibitor, which is an effective breast cancer preventative with fewer risks than Tamoxifen or Evista, but is known to cause bone loss. I got approval from my insurance, but it was still very expensive! We decided to wait and see how well I did on Evista. For what it's worth, my oncologist said patients tolerate zoledronate much better than the oral bisphosphonates. (Of course, that was before we knew about ONJ.) I hope it works well for you if that's what you decide to do.