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Oh Osteoblast you are just so cool. I will now forever think that I am part bear, and my daughter and...etc Love it. How do you come to these conclusions.Amazing. Wildflowers is so right-hold close the things that are dear-because in them is your love. Just this morning I awoke to the sound of a bird, different from others around here. I raced to the window, and there in the tree was a beautiful red bird, chirping away. All day today I have treasured that citing. I don't know yet about the chemo. My Oncologist is going on vacation for a week. I haven't even gotten a full pathology report. I know if I pushed it, maybe I could find out right away. But I don't want to be told over the phone. Also my Oncologist seems to be the most compassionate person, on my team, thus far. I want him to tell me the results. I have been reading a bit that they usually will give you Zometa infusions for Osteo Right now I have no idea what I will do. It will be one of many decisions that I will have to deal with.