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I read your response regarding hormone shots...do you I read you correctly that you have been taking shots as your only treatment for cancer ?



Hi Mike,

My only treatment has been intermittent hormonal blockade, for which shots have been the foundation, as daff mentioned, plus pills that deliver an "anti-androgen" drug (Casodex, 50 mg for me) and a "5-alpha reductase inhibitor" drug (finasteride, which used to be called Proscar, for me). That's known as intermittent triple blockade with Proscar maintenance, or triple androgen deprivation therapy with maintenance, or similar names. Most of us on that therapy are also taking a bisphosphonate drug to preserve bone density and, if the drug is Zometa, to help avoid, control or reverse bone metastases. As daff noted, nutrition, diet, supplement, and lifestyle tactics including exercise and stress reduction are also part of my therapy. I'm also taking a statin drug primarily because those drugs appear to help us avoid lethal prostate cancer; of course, it also helps control cholesterol.

I wrote about my eighth year anniversary as a survivor and gave my story in two threads last winter. Those threads included details, if you are interested.

I chose this therapy in 2000 because it then looked likely that no local or combination therapy would be curative and I would have the side effect burden without the curative benefit (still looks that way). It now appears that knocking down the volume of cancer, even without getting it all, may provide a substantial benefit, but patients like me are faced with the question whether to stick with our current course or add a non-curative approach, with its additional side effects, that may or may not provide a substantial benefit.

Some low risk patients are choosing this therapy, and it appears that many only need one round of full blockade of about a year before knocking off the heavy duty drugs and continuing with just finasteride or Avodart for maintenance.

Intermittent triple blockade with maintenance is probably rarely curative, but it appears to offer long-term control for many patients, perhaps indefinite control. It's a judgment call, and hopefully more papers describing results will be published in formal medical literature about this approach. At the moment, there has been only one paper in a major journal, plus a few other publications. There have been a number of presentations at medical conferences and informal publications.

Take care,