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hi osteo nice to hear from you. I have been doing some reading online-but its a little difficult to understand. There seems to be some link to elavated alkaline phosphotates in post menapausal women. Since this up and down elavation goes back to 2006-that is when I was diagnosed with osteo. Immediately preceding that I had had Parathyroid surgery. It took awhile after the surgery for some reason for my Pth levels to normalize-something like six months or so. The doctor couldn't figure why, but it eventually did get to normal. I am going to reuest from my oncologist a further test called isoenzymes-which ttest where in the body the damage is. It could be in the bones or the liver. Also from her I want to get a read out of all these elavations going back to 2006. My level right now is 114. From what I read on line, that is not actually that high, especially since women after menopause tend to have higher norms. My onc just freaked me out totally because high levels could mean bone cancer. But at this point I think it unlikely. Chemo I have to say has been a bit of a breeze for me. Except for this eery feeling that comes and goes about what the future actually may hold. Treatment for many women (not all though) is sort of the easy part. Wondering if it spread , or when is creepy. Oh well I'm hyped up on steroids today, having had #5 yesterday. One more to go, can't believe it. Then a month off, and then 7 weeks of radiation, everyday. Then evry 3 weeks I get a drug infused called herceptin for a year. But I really feel great, very creative lately. Just starting some new paintings of abandoned houses. I have thought of you, about our last discourse.The weekend before my second chemo, mothers day, my children took me on a small vacation -to the catskills, where we have 5 acres of land on the top of a mountain. As soon as we arrived there, and bounded out of the car, walked a few feet in, my daughter quietly pulled my sleeve, and said look mom"Is that a black lab?" I looked up only to see a small black bear running towards us. As soon as he saw us, he turned and ran the other way. I have been going up ther for 30 years and never before saw a bear. It was just so amazing. For me it was especially amazing, because I saw a definite aura of white lite around the animal. It is something I will never forget. I just loved it. Well hope all is well with you now, and that you are being well taken care of for your thyroid. Just want to add that I have decided for now, not to do the Zometa infusions. I have to admit it is enticing, simply because my sister did get bone cancer(extremely painful). They just came out with a study saying zometa can help prevent it. I just had a switch of oncologist. The first one sort of was strongly advising it, but my new oncologist was sort saying the study is too new, and also was not done with post menapausal women. She also said that she has seen many cases of jaw necrosis happening. So I have for now decided against it. Would love to at some point try to fit in a dexa. Still wondering how my bones are doing.