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[QUOTE=lynne50;3735121]My husband's psa one year ago was 240; at present, it is .3. He gets a hormone injection (trelstar) once every three months and also takes an antiandrogen pill (nilitimide) daily. Chemotherapy didn't seem to work. They think he has some metastisis, but it doesn't show up on scans. His gleason score is 8-9. He is 64 and never has stopped working and feels great.

Hi Lynn,

I'm quoting your post #2 above. Your husband and I are close in age as I just turned 65, and we both are dealing with challenging cases, though mine is now under excellent control. (Fingers crossed here!) My PSA initially was 113.6, Gleason 4+3=7, all cores positive, prostate hard "as a rock," etc. I too worked until I chose not to at age 61, and I feel great except for some side effects of hormonal blockade and supporting treatment that are not too much of a burden. :cool:

I would like to suggest the same thing I mentioned to modena35 on this thread: your husband should seriously consider adding a "5-alpha reductase inhibitor drug," either Avodart or finasteride (formerly Proscar), to his treatment. It's really great that his PSA has dropped to .3, but he really should try to drop it further, and the 5-ARI drugs could well do that as they did for me.

My PSA was leveling off at .6 on just Lupron and Casodex back in my first year of treatment in 2000 at about the eighth or nineth month on treatment (taking a lot more time than for many patients :(), and I was eager to get it all the way down to below 0.05, but not sure that was possible with my challenging case. Doctors like Strum and Myers, whose books I mentioned to modena35, convinced me to add the 5-ARI drug Proscar (Avodart not then available), and shortly my PSA plunged to .3. Well, it then just kept dropping and ended up at less than 0.01 (using the Immulite Third Generation ultrasensitive PSA test).

If doctors like Strum and Myers can't get the PSA to drop to around 0.05 or below on first line triple hormonal blockade, they move to other drugs as alternatives or additions. They don't want to sit with a PSA as high as .3, even though that IS great progress.

Also don't forget guarding bone mineral density, which also helps resist bone mets, or even helps reverse them if the most powerful bisphosphonate is used (Zometa). I've been on only Fosamax and more recently Boniva, which have done the job for me.