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I am new to the boards and I was hoping someone could help me out. My Rheumatologist gave me Zonegran to help me get a better quality of sleep. When he told me it was really for seizures, I thought it was strange. I don't have seizures; Nor do I have arthritis or lupus. (just psoriasis) Only, he also said it was one of those drugs that is used for other things like pain, sleep and bi-polar. This is my problem. I looked around on the internet and boards and it looks like I am the only one taking it for sleep. I was just wondering if anyone is or knows anyone who is, so I feel a little better about it. It wasn't working at first but now that I take 200 mg a day at dinner, I feel sleeply earlier and don't wake up every half hour at night. (just ever hour) No rush. Thank you for your time.