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Thank you both for your replies!:) I appreciate any and all information that you may come across!

I have started on the Keppra and so far Ive noticed my speach is slower and my focus is also off.. Today was my day with the pain paychologist and we discussed this and he said that I could most likely expect things to get worst before it gets better. I was hoping this wouldnt be the case, however Ive done the Neurontin, Zonegran, gotten to the peak of the Topa that I can go-- so ... this is where I am now and Im going to give it a shot before weaning off the Topa all together and trying something else since the Topa does help some.

Gosh, Ive prattled on again!

If anyone should have anymore advice, suggestions.. or whatnot, Im open!! :)

Thank you again!

Love and Prayers,