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Well, I had my neuro appointment and everything you stated earlier Oliver pretty much has fallen right on
schedule. The nuerologist ran some basic tests and
then we sat down and looked at the thoracic MRI film.
He was very pleased with the quality of the film and I
must admit i was impressed also. He went through each
disc with me from T-1 all the way to T-12. He did also
agree with pain dr. that main problem for me was T-7.
Since there is no compression against spinal cord, all
surgery is ruled out for now, which I feel is good. It
appears most of my pain is nerve related with damage
and inflammation to some nerve endings and this is best
treated with medications and rest. He told me that
physical therapy probably would not help me,in his
Unfortunately, he also told me that this would not heal
and I would have to live with the pain. When I asked
how long I would have to take pain meds, he said it
would be probably for the rest of my life. So for now
all he will do is confer with my pain dr. and decide
what meds that they think I should try. He has told
me that he would like to try neurontin. I replied,
been there, done that, was not impressed with med.
In conclusion, I see my pain dr. in 2 weeks, to see
what meds we take next. Right now I take zonegran and
ultracet and sonata. I got a funny feeling that this
is going to change. Well, thanks for listening and
caring. I will try to keep in touch more often.