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I have partial complex seizures but they are very mild. I can go weeks and not have any and then have one. Sometimes they are stronger than others, sometimes it's just auras and that's it. They are so far and few between that it makes me not want to medicate with a heavy dose of medicine unless i have to. With tegretol I still had break through seizures and I dealt with them. I also had the weight gain, memory loss, concentration problems etc. I understand topamax at a high dosage is worse that's why I'm reluctant to take any more than I have to. It's been a toss up as to what to try now. I was hopeful the topamax would work but my neck aches, my head aches and just feel like I have a "empty head" affect, like i haven't taken medicine. Makes it really hard to function through a day even though I have to say all that aside i still prefer it over tegretol just because I know with me and the weight gain on tegretol, it depressed me more than the drug. But I don't think topamax is going to work for me in the long run as I do not think I can stand the head aches daily. Has anyone heard much about Zonegran? How does it compare? any thoughts?