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This is my first post in this particular forum on HealthBoards, but I was wondering if anyone had taken a drug that I've just been put on for weight loss. A little background...

I have a miraid of health issues, one being high blood pressure. I was put on Inderal back in 1999 for it. Since 2000, I've gained over 60 pounds. I just got in to see a neurologist, who informed me that long-term use of Inderal causes weight gain. (Gee... no one could have mentioned this before? :nono: )

Now, with the weight, I've had other health issues spring up. So, when I went to see my neurologist Friday, he told me to take Zonegran and gave me 2 sample packs of it. 1 pack of seven 50mg pills, and 1 pack of seven 100mg pills. I'm to take 50mg a day for the first 7 days, and then start taking the 100mg pill once a day, and he gave me a written prescription to get filled as well... to continue taking 100mg a day once the sample runs out.

I looked this drug up online, and it's an anti-seizure medication, in the same class as Topomax.

Has anyone else ever taken Zonegran for weight loss?