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Hey Texasduchess... I can completely relate ... I had a disc herniation 9mm at L5-S1 and had a Hemilaminectony/discectomy back in June of this year.... had complete relief for approx. 2 weeks and the pain returned, I now have constant burning, aching, tingling, crawling, in my lower back, hips, buttocks, back of my right thigh, side of my right calf, and my right foot....I can not sit , stand, or walk for very long periods of time, before all I can do is go lay flat on my back to get some relief, I have been through the physical therapy, the walking, walking, walking, after surgery....until the pain got to the point I can't continue to do that, I have had a series of 3 ESI injections...didn't help.... taken Keppra, and Neurontin, they didnt help, was removed from them, Since surgery have had MRI's.... XRays.....Myelogram/CT....All show normal discs.... but had a EMG/NCV...back in Sept... and it shows Nerve Damage of the S1 nerve... and Chronic Radiculopathy.... So now my Pain Management doc has said that basically we are looking at Time and Meds... he said that the nerve could possibly heal but it would take a long time... so he says we will try a new medication called Zonegran...its another antiseizure med... and continue my Vicodin...Hopefully this will put me at a more tolerable pain level...Because of my age.. will be 38 in a couple weeks, he doesnt want to do any permenant implanted devices yet......he said that if after a reasonable amount of time that he fills I should be healing or the meds have not helped....., if I still have pain.. then we will consider either a Neurostimulation Unit...(delivers electronic stimulation) or a Interthecal Medication Delivery Unit..(delivers morophine in measured doses)....both are permenant devices implanted in the abdomen....I know this may not be much help, but I know for me it is helpful when I know there are others out there that can relate to the situation I am in... Hope things improve for you.... Good Luck!!! Take Care