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Well, Saw my Pain Management Doc last Tuesday. Nov.23.... It was decided that he agreed with my Neurologist that my problem is from nerve damage, of the S1 nerve.... also my EMG shows nerve damage.... extreme chronic radiculopathy L5-S1..... anyway.... he decided that basically we are looking at time and meds for now... he says that nerves can heal... and if mine is going to heal... it will take a long time and that now he is going to try me on a new med called Zonegran... same concept as Neurontin, and Keppra..... and wants me to continue Vicodin..... and give it time to heal.....but the bad part is I have noticed within the last 3 days my pain has gotten worse.... kinda frustrating since we are now basically waiting for my nerve to heal, and now the pain is worsening.... both docs have said my Myelogram and CT were normal, PM Doc says that he does not want to do a Discogram because the discs look normal....so I suppose I just grit my teeth and bear it..... phewwwwwwww gonna be a long wait waiting for this thing to heal if it is going to.... only time I can take the vicodin is when I am going to sleep because it knocks me out, and I havent started the Zonegran, the pharmacy was out of it and wont have it until Monday...... So thats where I stand for now.... Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving...... Best Wishes to you all.... Take Care.... :angel:
Just wanted to say good luck, and I hope the Zonegran helps you. My doc put me on it for a little while, but I never really took it because I kept forgetting about it! :rolleyes: Oops. Hope you're feeling better today. Have you tried putting ice on it?