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Hi there,
Yes I know that it can cause a lot of pain, especailly if it is severe. That was my original diagnosis when I first started having my back problems 2 1/2 years ago. Since then I've been diagnosed with a few other problems and the pain has definitly increased a whole lot. It's hard for me to say exactly how much pain the lumbar lodosis is causing me because with the sciatica, spondylolisthesis and pars fracture I just can't tell, there is just always a whole lot of pain. Right now my surgeon is treating me for my spondylolisthesis and fracture (and that should help with the sciatica). I haven't been thinking too much about the lordosis because my surgeon hasn't, so I guess I've just been focused on what he's been telling me to do in regards to the other problems. Next time I see him I will be bringing it up, I think I probably have similar questions as you do. I wonder how and why it got this way in the first place and I wonder if it will get worse. I know it can in some people so, why not me? I am curious as to what other problems you might have and what if any surgeries you've been through. I know I read your posts all the time and I see your name, but refresh my memory and give me your story, if you don't mind. I look forward ro hearing from you. Take care. Kristy. ;)

Hi again Kristy.... Thanks for your response...A quick refresher for ya... LOL!.... I started having lower back pain and sciatic pain ( pain in my right buttocks, back of my thigh...calf...right foot and toes...) back last December...kinda just ignored it until in March, I was out in the back yard and was running the weedeater, and stepped in a hole and twisted and fell... fell onto my butt.....it hurt but I ignored it... later that night I began to have horrible, horrible pain, worse then my typical sciatic pain....especially in my leg just where your butt meets your leg.. so the next day I went to the doctor, he diagnosed me with a pulled hamstring.... after about a month of physical therapy it did not get better, my therapist ask if they checked my back to see if that was the problem, I said NO! they told me to have my Doc order a MRI of my lower back, next visit I ask him about it... he said it was not my lower back, it was my hamstring.. and ordered a MRI of my hamstring... of course it was NORMAL....that did not satisfy me... so I went and saw a Orthopedic surgeon my family had been very familiar with.. he ordered the MRI of my lower back... sure enough.... I had a 9mm herniation at L5-S1....Compressing on both left and right nerve roots.....so on June 2 of this year I had a Laminectomy/Discectomy ....for about 2 weeks I was completely pain free... then the pain began to return.... Had further MRI's....(Mild DDD L5-S1)... Myelogram/CT....(Normal as far as the Discs... but shows severe Lumbar Lordosis) Had a series of 3 ESI's ( DID NOT HELP) also had a EMG/NCV (showed nerve damage at S1....chronic Radiculopathy at L5-S1) PM Doc... and Neurologist both say I have nerve damage from the nerve compression on the S1 nerve before surgery.... I now have all the typical sciatic pains...Pain in my lower back... Hips.... but also have numbness, tingling, burning, and crawling feelings in my right leg... some pain now in my left leg.....I have no achillies reflex...last three toes on my right foot are numb.. and my foot aches horribly... Have a terrible aching pain at my tailbone....also have been experiencing terrible pain in my pelvic area lately....I can not sit for long, stand for long, or walk for long... only somewhat comfortable when laying down flat on my back....needless to say I am up and down alot....have fallen several times because of my leg giving out on me....Now walk with a cane for support and balance....can NOT lay on my stomach at all.. hurts to badly....Anyway, this is basically my story, don't think I forgot anything...Oh yeah, Have tried Neurontin, Keppra, and Zonegran for the nerve pain... but had to be removed because of side effects....I take Vicodin for my pain...or basically to help me sleep, it knocks me out....Anyway, If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask... Thanks again for the response..... Take Care.... :angel: