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Be warned, others call it dopamax... Why is for how it tends to fog the mind. It seems to slow others down.

I had a couple of the blank mind "episodes" when I was titrating up on Topa, but not after. Once was when typing an email I blanked out, couldn't find my train of thought. I knew where I was, I knew what I was trying to do; just not the exact wording or train of thought I wanted to communicate. It took under a minute to get going again. The second time was on the PHONE! I was able to get out "I'll call back" and hang up. I called back a few minutes later when I was sure I could find my words again. I could not think of words! It may compare to your "stare-offs" in a minor manner...

Topa could also cause confussion when first starting on it. An example my Epileptologist gave was: "a person may put the soap in the fridge rather than the dishwasher". (VERY good example!)

Taste if you have not noticed can be effected for foods.
Some soda's (mainly diets) will seem different
perspiration becomes almost nonexistant
make sure to drink water if you have kidney problem history (water is good for you besides).

I had to learn how to eat all over again. I went almost 2 DAYS without eating and I was not hungry, so the drug appears to do with the appitite section of the mind. I needed to change to snacking DURING the day; and one real meal at night to keep up my food intake.

I also found some food aroma's triggered my eating; in my case it was shrimp.

I guess I'd suggest to anybody reading this read up on your medication when you are starting a new drug. It's amazing how it helps prepare you in advance.


personal history therapy note: Topa has not dropped my weight as Zonegran did (was on it b4 Topa). I had problems with Z, Dilantin, TegXR, and Keppra mix and lost 25% body weight in just over a month (dilantin levels shot through the roof as a result). Had to remove Z and lower Dilantin to level out. (toxic on Dilantin, couldn't walk without a cane)