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I just found this site about an hour ago and am hoping to get some helpful information.
I started haveing seizures when I was 15, the doctor said they were abscence seizures and put me on Lamictal. My seizures have continued to get worse and become more frequent. I am now having complex partial seizures instead of abscence seizures. I have gone from having a seizure less than once a month to several a week if not daily. I've been on Lamictal, Keppra, Trileptal, and Zonegran. I am scheduled to go in for a Video EEG on the 17th to see if I would qualify for surgery. Most of my seizures have just consisted of me basically day dreaming, smacking my lips, mumbling, and I continue to do whatever I motion I was doing prior to the seizure only it is uncontrolled and they only way I even know I've had one is if someone else notices it and tells me; however, the last seizure I had, my right arm and leg were shaking, I had a severe headache, was dizzy, had trouble breathing, was aware of my surroundings but couldn't respond to them or move; luckily my Dad came downstairs and noticed I was having trouble breathing and called the squad. My other seizures lasted between 30 seconds to a minute and the after effects are usually very minor and short if there are any I'm usually just tired or have a headache (which is nothing unusual for me); however, this one they think was several one right after another but it lasted for about an hour and I was probably an additional hour before I fully came out of it. I have noticed a loss of memory since this seizure.
I'm now 22 and in college and having a hard time as a result of these seizures. I'm used to taking 12-14 credit hours per quarter and I have had to drop all but one of my classes since this last seizure.
I have done some research on surgery and a very common result I have found is severe memory loss and I don't know about any of you but my brain doesn't work half the time as it is. I've already had MRI's done and I have Mesial Temporal Sclerosis in the Left Temporal Lobe. If anyone has had surgery for this and can give me some info. on what to expect, especially recovery time, I would really appreciate it :)