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I have an idea how you feel. I have been having seizures since I was 15. They started out as absence seizures and then turned into complex partial seizures and I have now had one grand mal seizure. I have been on several different medications including: Lamictal, Keppra, trileptal, and Zonegran. The keppra completely shut my body down and I had no physical strength, my whole body hurt, I had trouble breathing, and all I did was sleep; my seizure activity also greatly increased in the month I was on it. The trileptal also gave me severe side effects and I had to go off of it as well. My neurologist has said that since I have been on so many different medications and my seizures have not been controlled that the odds of medication controlling them is very slim. I have also gone from having seizures about once every other month to having them daily. I am scheduled for a Video EEG starting on Thursday to find out if I qualify for surgery.
I've never heard of having a waiting list to have an EEG done. I've gone to the doctors one day and had an EEG later that day or the next day numerous times.
I have been to numerous doctors throughout my life for various health problems and know exactly what it's like to have doctors that won't listen to you and act like your making things up and you don't know anything. I've learned that they just don't like it when a patient actually knows about what's going on. There have been numerous times I've gone to the doctor's office told them the syptoms I was having, what it was, what medication I'd been on in the past for it, and to just give it to me and let me go home; instead, they waste thousands of dollars running all kinds of test only to find out that I was right to begin with.
Do the doctors have any idea what is causing your seizures?
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I brought up the topic of my seizures getting worse since I have been on the medications than what they were without the medications numerous times. Everyone told me that although it seems that way, you don't know how bad they would be now if you weren't on the medication. I go back with my doctors and family a long way on that subject. Three days after I started the most recent medication, zonegran, I had the worst seizure I've ever had. You can't tell me that when I went from having seizures in which I basically day dreamed to having a seizure in which my family had to call the squad three days after starting a new medication that it wasn't related to the medicatio

No, I havent' had any problems with vision.
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