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I see a neurologist at The Cleveland Clinic. The way it is set up is once the doctor feels you may be a canidate for epilepsy surgery the doctor takes your case befor the committee which consists of neurologists, epileptologist, surgeons, nurses, and a lot of other people. They all review your case together and decide if they feel that yes, you could be a canidate or not and decide what the next steps are. I have had a video EEG and had 9 seizures in less than 24 yours. 6 of them they know for sure came from the left temporal lobe the other three they couldn't tell for sure which is why they want to do the invasive monitoring. I have complex partial seizures and MRI has shown that I have Mesial Temporal Sclerosis on the left temporal lobe and that my left lobe is slightly smaller than the right. I have already had neuropsch exam, PET scan, MRI's, and they are planning on doing WADA test. I have been on Lamictal, Keppra, Trileptal, Zonegran, I know I've been on at least one other one but I can't think of what it was called right now, and there are about three others the doctor said they use but I can't take them due to the side effects.
One of my biggest concerns is I am basically all right handed and they'll be removing the left side. I am also trying to attend college and I'm not one of those people that were born a extra smart. I worked hard just to get through high school and am worried about losing the little bit of memory I have. I also know that it's very possible that I could have the surgery and it still not control my seizures.
Has your daughter had any seizures since the surgery?
I'll try to look at the other things you've posted to see what I can find, thanks for your replies and help.