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I did not have weight loss when put on Topa. I DID have problems with eating. The trick, I found, was making myself eat. Topa tricks your mind into thinking you are not hungry after some levels. You need to adapt to that most likely as I did.

I went 2 days when this symptom first started without eating. I then found snacking during the day (multiple small eating times) and ONE real meal for night time worked for me. The standard 3 squares a day would NOT work with me on Topa. So if I had carrots and dip , then meats and cheese an hour later... it worked. It had me eating.

Also note You need to keep up water intake. Some foods will taste off to phrase it best. Soda's, chocolate are common ones you will notice. I DID notice an appitite trigger with shrimp aroma when I was in restraunts. So the symptoms and specifics may be different with each person.

The related drug of Topamax, Zonegran was a lot worse in my case. Z caused 25% weight loss in less than a month. Other medication levels became elevated to very high levels. This was before I was introduced to Topa.