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The fact that it is getting less sensitive sounds good! You must be healing quickly, to be allowed to bear any weight so soon! Glad you don’t have much pain. Did you have a lot of pain before the operation...and is that pain gone now? From what I have read, the swelling will be with you for quite some time, maybe up to a year.

Not so good here. You can skip the next part...I just need to vent.

Finally got the dr.s office to get the reports in to the insurer so they could approve my new MRI. Had that Monday and have to see the new physiatrist next Wed. Will probably end up firing her and just giving up on the medical profession. On my second to the last appt., she asked if I needed any refills. Said no, still had one refill on the Lidoderm patches and Vicodin prescribed by the last physiatrist. Have a lot of serious drug allergies causing me to go into anaphylactic shock and possibly die. So, I am terrified to take most drugs, and only took the Vicodin about once every 3 days when I just couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Told her the Vicodin just wasn’t working as well as it had, and could she recommend anything else. She wanted me to try a trial of Topamax, but had none in the office, so gave me Zonegran. Got home, looked up Zonegran and discovered it was a sulfa drug...which would put me into anaphylactic shock and possibly die. So, before I called her, also looked up Topamax and discovered on of its effects is to decrease sweating and possibly cause dangerous overheating. Since I have never sweated and get heatstroke very easily (and this is in my record), didn’t think it would be a good idea to take that, either. Called to tell her, but the office is always closed Fri. and they were on vacation for the next 10 days. Tried to get my last refill of Vicodin, but pharmacy couldn’t because the scrip was over 6 months old. When they got back from vacation, called to tell them and they said to come in. Told the dr. (nicely) about the mistake giving me Zonegran when I am deathly allergic to sulfa drugs and gave her the samples back. First she told me you can’t be allergic to sulfa, then said she would have to check with her drug rep. So then told her about the Topamax effects of body temp/sweating and reminded her of my heat intolerance, and that I would prefer not to risk that. Asked for a refill of my Vicodin - and she said no. Hemmed and hawed a bit then said it also affects sweating so I shouldn’t have that either, and would just have to go all natural...try a heating pad!!! I was just appalled. I had been taking the Vicodin for about 8 months with no problems. Was looking for more pain relief, not less! So, checked the full prescribing info sheet then contacted Abbott Labs, the folks who make Vicodin - and they had never heard of it causing problems with sweating.

Hadn’t thought the Vicodin was helping that much, but since then, the pain has gone from a 4-5 to 6-7, my sleep has deteriorated even more, have yelled at my precious puppy a few times and messed up my checkbook 3 times causing overdrafts (first time in 30 yrs.). Can’t even sleep with my husband except on weekends, because my tossing and turning and waking up whimpering every 40 minutes or so disturbs his sleep...not good because his income is all we have right now.

Plus, she doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to treat anything. When I ask what we are going to do, she says “You aren’t ready for that yet. First we have to get this broken foot bone fixed”. That is pretty scary when everything I have read about Lisfranc sprains and RSD say you have to treat them immediately...and it has already been 14 months (although she has only seen me for 1.5 months). Even so...

Sorry about the rant!


Thank you! I have been dealing with docs and drug allergies all my life, and it sure is frustrating. Usually they just won’t believe I am as allergic as I tell them...not tell me that there is no such thing!!! I am going to politely confirm that is actually what she said at my appt. this coming Wed. - then lay down the prescribing info sheet from the manufacturer on Zonegran (that I got from my pharmacist). And gently point out the first contraindication listed is “Zonegran is not right for everyone. You should not take Zonegran if you are allergic to sulfa drugs”. If the company that makes the drug acknowledges sulfa allergy, I think that is all the ammo I need.

Doubt if I will bother finding another doc...this one is the 6th I have seen in 14 months and didn’t have any better luck with the others.