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I've been taking a combination of Taurine, DMG, and B-Complex for a couple of months now. I have complex partial seizures that are very hard to control and,in the past, I've often switched between one medicine to the other every other month. So, when I gained a ridiculous amount of weight from Depakote and lost a considerable amount of weight from Zonegran, I decided enough was enough.

My seizures reduced dramatically and I'd almost forgotten I had them. But I got a cold and bought some Halls (Cherry flavor). Not sure if there is some kind of dye used in them that made me sick or not. But it made me sick enough for me to wake up in a puddle of blood the next day and a deep cut in my forhead, nose and lips.

I'm all for Taurine, DMG(Di-methyl-glycine) and all the other natural meds, but I'm going to start paying more attention to what I put in my body. 100% fruit juice, no artificial coloring (if I can help it) and an all over change in my diet.