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I'll comment.

Topa transfer when I was comming off Dilantin (300/day) took me over a month to come up to 100mg BID of Topa. and that was just a start. (I have since increased Topa. but thats another story) I had started the Dilantin drop PRIOR to starting the 25's of Topamax. We did a crossfade of the meds to make the transition easier. I was halfway down on the Dilantin using the 30's when I was at 50 and 50 of Topa (am/pm)

I thought it be easier on the body to try it that way (and I HATED the chewables of Dilantin, the banana flavour).

It worked great. Only one or two minor seizures, no encounters with the carpet. I had never done a cross-fade with meds before, but it seemed to prevent drug interaction risk if there was the possibility of one. Compared to before (Kepp, Dilantin, Zonegran, Teg; when Dilantin shot through the roof due to body weight loss).

I do admit I stayed inside that 5 week drug changeover; but no major seizures. So I fully understand your fear. I went out for my meds and food shopping and that was it! no social visits as usual. but I decided to play it safe the same reason it seems you are thinking. "just in case"

I sure wish I could have done Teg to Topa.... I'm on 1200 of TegXR. and 450 of Topa with 3000 of Kepp. Been on Teg since 81. I don't think I'll EVER get off Teg It's been my one constant drug over the years.


Good luck on the change.