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Yesterday I took Tripp for his neuro appointment. She agreed that he is not being helped by the Topamax and he was having many side-effects from it. SOOO she is started him on Zonegran taking it up 50 mg perweek and decressing the Topamax by 50 mg per week until he is up to 200 mg. She also wants another MRI done as his last one was abnormal. Since he(TRIPP) is mentally retarded and can find no reason for the seizures she wants to check for Tuberous Sclerosis. I looked that up on the internet. I can't be sure if he has that our not...BUT I am thinking NOT. He has no other signs. He had a Simple C in her office only 7 seconds then another one while at Walmart,again about 7 seconds. I had an Ativan in my purse(always carry one just in case) I gave that I him. He ate and never even slept on our drive home from there(about one hour drive).

Last night was he woke up at 10:30 with a complex P seizure. He was mostly picking at his clothes and the bed covers...it went on for awhile so gave him an Ativan. I could still talk to him and he still answer me. STILL was doing strange things and acting strange...mostly like he could not sleep!! At 11:30 he was still acting funny so gave him the Distate(sp) this did not put him to sleep!! FINALLY at 1 am he said "my bed" meaning he wanted to get back in his bed. He finally went to sleep!! HE WAS UP at 7 this morning!!! I am not sure what the heck is going on!! He seems fine this morning...laughing and watching TV......WHAT is going one!! What happened last night!!!???? AND WHY did that meds Diastate and Ativan not put him to sleep or did it have a revirse effect on him...it never has before thought.