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My son is on 1600mg of Tegretol XR and he was still having seizures so we tried adding Lamictal(gave him headaches and caused vomiting),then tried Topamax( feet and hands tingled and did not eat) We added Zonegran 100mg twice daily along with the Tegretol XR and the neuro went up slowly...VERY SLOW...not problems and seizures under much better control. He did have a CPS last night so I think the neruo will up the dosage again when we see her on the 18th.
He is eating GREAT...sometimes tooooo good. LOL

Maybe for you they need to add another med and lower the Tegretol XR
Betty, I know this is a little OT here; but make sure to watch body weight. Z for me caused weight loss (drastic). I could eat like a pig but the sideFX of Z kicked in causing weight loss. My Dilantin levels shot through the roof due to weight loss and I became toxic; couldn't walk without a cane due to Dilantin levels. Vision was horrible. I lost 25% of my body weight.

After regaining the weight and becoming stable (after they dropped Z quickly); 3 months later I started up on Topa while cross-dropping on Dilantin to prevent possible problems with Topa. That worked for me. (for the record Zonegran and Topa are VERY closely related) Topa has worked in my case.

(see what some of us go through with meds?? I was on 4 drugs when they tried Z with me!) TegXR Dilantin Kepp and Z!

Thanks Travis,
I am watching his weight and he is not loosing. He does eat an awful lot and not active much either.
Dec 26-30 he was so sick throwing up...this was the third time he has thrownup for 2005. April,Aug,and Dec. We think he has something called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. We are going back to GP tomorrow for a followup....all other testing checked out...at one time I thought it was his Z causing him to get sick but he was not on Zonegran in April or Aug....so ruled that out.
One thing I have noticed is he is taking off his glasses some but he did it more when on Topamax,infact on Topamax his eyes itched and he rubbed them often as well as his hands and feet tingled. Topamax did not control his seizures.
I don't notice him going to the bathroom more than usually...infact I think he can HOLD it longer than anyone I know. LOL