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Hi, Linda ~ :wave:

Thanks for the info. I've been on Topamax, Zonegran & Keppra. HORRIBLE reaction to Topamax & poor results w/ all. Just started on Lyrica 75 mg. 2 days ago. It seems to be working (altho they all did at 1st) w/ the only 2 obvious side effects being malaise & some taste loss. (Will wait until after church tomorrow to take it so my snoring doesn't drown out the sermon :D) The proof of effectiveness won't come until I've been on it for a while. One of the primary side effects is weight gain, & I'll live w/ the radiculopathy B4 I'll tolerate any more weight gain! One very positive thing is that it does also seem to be helping the facet pain as well as the nerve pain. I only needed 15 mg. of MS yesterday!

I don't understand why the gastric reaction is not mentioned in the literature for any of these drugs! That's the reaction that's been common to all of them for me, and now I'm hearing about others w/ the same problem. Since I only have the radiculopathy when I stand & walk, I'd rather have that than the abdominal pain I've had w/ these AEDs!!!

If I strike out w/ Lyrica, I'll keep Cymbalta in mind as an alternative since you apparently have had no reaction to it & it's helped you.

Appreciate the input...thanx again! :)

Midge :angel: