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Thankfully with this doc (Epileptologist) he has never tried the rapid changes. He is slow it introducing a new drug. A good example is when Zonegran failed. I had called him on the ramping up and we made a stop on the increase. held for a week, then dropped it like a rock one week later with no improvements.

Topa I have been on for It must have been atleast 2 or 3 years now. I know I started in the spring after Z failed in the winter holidays and I had time to stabalize by April or so.

I have not been one to start a drug, have it work, then it stops being effective. Thats not my case history.

Atleast 5-6 years for Keppra. I need my charts to be precise.

From what I know and how my system works, I can't be on less than these 3 to effectivly maintain control of seizures. Not since Teg mono therapy failed around 94.

My observation oddly is that Topa seems to be creeping up even though last year dropped the amount I now take.

For eating, I find I just need to find something that I'll eat or I waste money on my budget. I had been making wraps; more recently It has been salads and seafood. Don't ask why the change. Both are quick and easy to make.