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Hello fellow Topomax users! When this thread was started, way back when, I was kind of irritated that one little medicine could generate SO MUCH reaction on the board. :rolleyes: Every day I checked in there was that darn Topomax thread still alive and kicking!! :yawn: Little did I know that I would soon be more than grateful that people took the time to fill 17 screens with info on the drug. My pain management doc (who I saw last Friday) has changed my medications. He has given me a schedule to follow to start tapering down my methadone (I was taking 180 mg. per day). I told him that the Zonegran that I had been taking for nerve pain wasn't doing anything for me and that I had titrated down from 400 mgs per day to 100 mgs. per day and now would like to stop taking it all together. He was fine with that. His next suggestion was...(drumb roll please..) ....Topomax!!! Boy was I ready to talk about Topomax!!! I sounded like a walking, talking PDR. He was very impressed! So I'm going to give it a try. I started last night with 25 mg and will take 25 mg. twice a day for a week and then titrate up every week until I hit a therapuetic dose of 200 mg. per day. So far I haven't noticed any side effects other than a little light headedness. I'm PRAYING that I get the Loss of Appetite side effect as I'm at least 30 lbs. overweight from spending close to a year in a wheelchair while munching on steroids. So to finish up here, I just want to THANK ALL OF YOU for the endless chatter about Topomax. If it weren't for all the posts on the subject, I wouldn't have been as well versed on the subject as I was at my doctors appointment. All the best - KathyMac :wave: