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[QUOTE=Angie Lalanne]Has anyone heard of anything like this before?

My 3 year old son rolls his eyes as he is falling asleep in the car. They kind of flip up into their sockets and then after a minute or two he falls asleep. It only happens if he is tired. He is able to respond whilst this is happening and if I draw his attention to something it stops. We have been told it is partial benign childhood epilepsy and he has been put on 600mg of Epilim per day which has made no difference at all.

Has anyone ever seen epilepsy which ressemble this?? My instinct tells me the diagnosis is wrong and I want him off the meds.

Thanks, Angie



my name is Heather, and I'm only 19. Since I was your sons age, I had the same problem and it took years and years for my doctors to listen to my parents and put me on ANY medicine or try anything. They told my parents i would grow out of it, So i would be thankful that in the last 20 years things have advanced. This sounds very famililar. I only jerked like that as I was falling asleep as I was falling asleep in a car, but its not the sleep aspect, its the sunlight, and it actually is a type of epilepsy, and the good news is, it can be treated, if done so in the right way. I was put on Lamictal (WAY wrong for me too) and nothing changed. still rode in the car. still jumped as i fell asleep passing threw sun spots in the road. Then they put me on depakote, which made me gain a lot of weight (never ever let them put your son on that one, i know 20+ people who have gained weight and never lost weight on that one, and there are other options that are available if you can help it) and then i tried zonegran which helped WONDERS for this problem, but the thing is i dont think someone his size can take it, i think its for people my age now, but now i take zonegran and keppra together, and havent had problems in a very long time. but ive never ever had a seizure any other time except in the car like your explaining. My neurologist told me that only 1-2% of people with epilepsy have that kind, and its called Photosensitive Epilepsy. They may have misdiagnosed your son, Check into it!, best of lucK.

- Heather