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I have tried so many different medications for seizures in under a year, its amazing to even me that im stable. I've went from Lamictal, to Depakote, and now I take 400 MG to Zonegran and 3000 MG of Keppra together. When i first started taking the Keppra, the first two weeks, even my friends couldn't stand to be around me. I was mean, voilent, and aggressive towards people I would normally be nice and polite with. I noticed even, but i couldn't help with this change, and thought over time the side effect would change (first two weeks was only 1000 mg a day) Weeks 3 and 4 were a living hell for me. I continued to sleep constantly (really hard for a college kid that works at a drug store too!) i would go to sleep at like 10 pm and wake up at 10 am and manage to take a couple hour nap in between on my days off. my near perfect normal blood pressure was starting to rise to 130/115 with a pulse of 130 standing still, but then too i thought my body would adjust and things would soon be fine. Weeks 5-6 when i went up to my max dose, i noticed a turn around with my sleep patterns and i began not sleeping hardly ever. What i was once worried about when i increased the dose, i soon realized i needed to be worried about the opposite. I had bad thoughts and soon the feeling of being trapped inside of my own body and not being able to get out was a feeling i knew wasnt right. I contacted my doctor right about and he added 25 mg of zoloft with it (im 19 and on zoloft, not common,for my age. i know this from working at a pharmacy and being a pharmacy major) but he said i was suffering but depression, the number one side affect of the drug. Being trapped in my body sounds different then depression but i don't know...I've never been classified as depressed before either??? I lived 8 hours from my neuro, but he told me to go get my AED levels checked and when i did, they were 62, way to high, (Im a very petite person) but once again, he has yet to change my medication dosage, so as it stands, im still taking 3000 mg keppra (2000 in morning, 1000 at night) and 200 mg Zonegran in morning, 200 mg of Zonegran at night. Isnt that a high doseage of seizure medicine for someone that only weighs 120??? can someone help me out or have a similar situation or relation to Keppra???
Hi. I am new to this board, but not new to epilepsy. My 9 year old daughter took Keppra for over 2 years. I thought my angel had turned into the seed of chucky. We did psychologist appointments, behavior management, etc. Nothing still worked. It was just like some days she hated her own self.

We weaned Keppra a few weeks ago and it is such a remarkable change. No more fits, kicking, hitting walls, being mean to her sister, or anything. She is actually happy again. She took Lamictal with Keppra.

Her next drug to try is Zonegran. I was worried about possible side-effecs with it.

Good luck with the Keppra.