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Ask your Doc for A refrence for a second opinion.

With your recent tests, and any MRI's (hopefully!) along with your history; that should be enough material for an unbiased John Doe doc to render an opinion.

Remember, VNS *usually* allows a patient to REDUCE medications somewhat. They still must maintain medications after the VNS is activated. I'm sure there are other cases on the books where reduction is greater. Those that I know were able to reduce as much as 30% over 3 year total time span (NOT all at once); MORE after other factors came into the picture. I'm talking of people I know personally. Not every VNS patient may be able to reduce medications; but typically patients can depending on their case, VNS settings, seizure patterns, and medications.

A third case I know it seemed his was failing to help at it's current setting. Unsure if he was taking his meds properly or not. Housekeeping had to limit his windows opening; he almost fell out (thank the powers that be the screen didn't give way 20 stories up!) by the time we got to his unit we were able to coax him off the window ledge inside of the apartment. He was pushing against the screen it was bowing (talk about wanting to run and grab somebody and knowing you have to be calm).

The drop of meds case was very heavially medicated to begin with, so the reduction, along with help from Zonegran (weight loss) helped in reduction of medications due to body mass reduction that Depakote added on years earlier.
(when you drop weight you usually have to reduce meds or you'll become toxic)