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Went to see Neuro and he changed prescription to Zonegran. Had been off all meds for a few weeks and had a rough time. Last weekend, after not being able to get in touch with me by phone, my dad called 911 and had the police stop by and check on me. Officer found me in the middle of a seizure on the kitchen floor and by the time the ambulance got me to the ER, I had had another. I don't remember much, but I was told that a had several back to back. Is this normal? Is my medicine not working? I am still feeling a bit out of it. Quite tired. Just wondering if it is the meds or me...
HOw much Zonegran are you on? Are you still going up to therapeutic dose? My son did have some harsher seizures when first starting with Zonegran and in the few days after going up. This settled down a week or so after the dose went up.

I am glad your dad had you checked on!!

call the neuro if you have not already. See if your dose is where it should be. I hope it will start working better for you.

Why were you off meds for awhile?
I had weight loss (drastic) on Zonegran, and that caused my Dilantin levels to shoot throught the roof, causing me to be unstable on my feet, and have vision problems. I needed a cane in fact until we figured out what the problem was.

So check your weight and see if that has remained the same or if there has been a change possibly caused by Z.

I fell a few times, and after that I moved in with my folks for safety until I could get in with the Dr for the safety reason. Not being able to WALK without assistance (drunk like symptoms) is not good in a crampted apartment.

First step my doc took was dropping Z 100mg (I had just bumped up to 300; destination goal was 400), and have me check in one week later (no improvement). Then he removed Z **fast** as in told me to stop it; no slow taper. Problems still existed 5 days later; so we knew it was something else; but Zonegran was the newest thing to my system.

When it was noted I lost 20% of body weight that was the shocker. That was within less than a month. It also explained why Dilantin levels were elevated (mid 20's); and dropping the 50mg was all that was needed to remedy the symptoms.

I switched to a SIMILAR drug to Zonegran, Topamax about 3-4 months following. Topa has been working better, but to avoid potential problems I cross dropped Dilantin when starting up on Topamax (so no Dilantin now).