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I am currently on Zonegran but I don't like it. I think I've been on 9 meds in 30 years. Depakote worked great on seizure control but I gained 90 pounds and lost a lot of hair. I didn't have much to start with! That extra 90 pounds caused other health problems. Depakote also gave me tremors but I was still the best at Jenga! Zonegran is my 5th medication in a little over 3 years but it is causing my migraines to become quite frequent and I am having breakthrough absence seizures at 400 mg. Had a grand mal at 300 mg. See the neurologist Tuesday. Not sure how many more meds there are to try. Allergic to Dilatin. Taken Phenobarbitol, Topamax was great for weight loss but didn't control the seizures, Lamictal didn't work either. I tried Tegretol and Zarontin as a teen but don't remember if I took them steady enough to give them a chance or why they didn't work. Can't remember the other meds right off hand. The grand mals aren't frequent but can be if my meds aren't right. I have the absence/petit mal seizures almost like an aura to a grand mal but I can have them all day long. Docs find that strange. Thank God for my Prince Charming!

Mrs D.
I hope you are more than aware Zonegran and Topamax are closely related.

I had the exact oposite problem with Z (drastic weight loss); that effected another of my meds in turn to go through the roof. I was switched to Topa which has been working for me. Zonegran I only was on 3 weeks I think, never reached target dose.

They could keep going down the list of other meds you have yet to try; plus there are two BRAND NEW ones out that I don't even know the names for or side effects of.

Are you able to see an Epileptologist, epilepsy specalist or only a neuro? That may also help.

Well the doc put me on a new med called Lyrica (Pregabalin). I took it yesterday and today without ever noticing a side effect. About 2 1/2 weeks to transition on this one & off the Zonegran. This one is supposed to have very few side effects. I guess we'll find out. I'm very hopeful. I've really appreciated all of your feedback!
Hello All,
It's almost been a week that I've been on the Lyrica. I think I'm in love! I hope it stops the seizures. I have energy for the first time in years. It's as though my brain is driving me to do things and finish chores. I want to move. I don't feel like a sloth. I pray that this works well as I go off the Zonegran.

Mrs. D