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Tucker - I wasn't able to take Nuerontin because of the side effects. But I am taking a drug called Zonegran (zonisamide) and it is used to treat partial seizures in adults. Like most of these seizure meds, it is used off-label to treat nerve pain. The second most common side effect of this med is a decrease in appetite. I remember when I got my first prescription for it the nurse at my PM's office was xroxing it for my file and she said, "Oh, lucky you! You've got the drug that takes away your appetite." I'm not really sure that I've seen that side of the drug, but I'm on other things that increase my appetite that would cancel out the zonegran's effect. Anyway, I think it has helped my pain. Maybe you can ask your doctor about this drug when you talk to him/her. Your pain sounds just awful - everytime I start believing that my pain is the "worst", I read a post from someone like you and start to count my blessings! Good luck Tucker - KathyMac