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Hi folks! Some of you may remember that I've been taking 180 mg. of methadone per day and 30 mg. of oxycodone for break-through pain and 100 mg. of Zonegran for nerve pain for the past 10 months or so. Several weeks ago I decided to stop the oxycodone cold turkey because I didn't think I needed it and wanted to get a better idea of my "real" pain level when not taking it. I was only off of the oxycodone for about 2 weeks before realizing that I still needed it and so I was rx'd another script for it. Well, last Friday I saw my pain management doctor in Baltimore. We talked about my desire to start decreasing the dose of methadone I'm on and my feeling that the Zonegran wasn't doing a thing for my nerve pain. After lots of discussion (he never seems to want to push me out the door and takes plenty of time with me) he has changed my meds to the following: Methadone 160 mg. per day, titrating down by 10 mg. every 5 days; Lidocaine patches for surface pain (seem to work great for me) and Topomax, 25mg. twice daily to start, titrating up to a maximum of 200 mg. per day. He continued the oxycodone for breakthrough pain at the same 30mg. three times a day if needed. The other big change - I asked him if he would consent to writing my prescriptions from this point on because of the more complicated nature of the titration schedules. He had always recommended my medications to my primary care doctor who would then write the scripts. He agreed to take over the scripts and I'll see my primary guy tomorrow for a routine check up and give him the news. Something tells me he will secretly jump for joy!! It can't be easy trying to manage someone like me who is on so much narcotic medication. Anyway...I'll have to drive to Baltimore once a month to get my scripts (they won't mail them) but it's only 1 hour away. He told me that I didn't have to sign a contract and that I didn't need to see him when I needed my refill, just phone a couple days ahead and tell the nurse when I'm coming. I need to ask the nurse how often he wants to see me for a face-to-face. He also gave me a referral to their pain management psychologist who I can see up to 4 times a month for FREE! It's all part of the pain management program and included in the doctor's visit fee. Well...I'm not really sure why I'm telling all of you this, but you've become like my second family and wanted to update you guys about the changes. Thanks so much to the folks who helped me through the oxycodone "cold turkey" week. All the best - KathyMac