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Increased Keppra to 1000mg in am still at 750pm and Tegretol xr 1600mg daily(400mg 3 times a day).....Tripp STILL has those head turn seizures. Sat he had 10 with in an hours time...going from 15 seconds to the last one was only about a second or less. Every day he has at least one!!!
Keppra was increased last Wednesday....does it need more time to work???
I am begining to think he will never get contol of them...and learn to live with them! Even when he has 10 head turn seizures he is fine and goes about what he is doing without any problems.
He is not having any side effects of Keppra like he did with Topomax,Lamictal or Zonegran. I do like Keppra...maybe he still needs more.
I will not even consider the VNS..Tripp is mentally disable and I could not explain to him about surgery.