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I went to see ONE of my doctors today. I see a neuro, but also see a epilepitologist as well. I saw my neuro today though. It was the first time my mom had met him and i was looking forward to the visit (im 19). I usually bring boyfriend with me, so a day out with my mom was exciting. I have to drive 4 hours EACH way to his office, and GRRR things go BAD

I sit, and sit, and sit some MORE, and finally I am called. They lost my paperwork, not only once, but TWICE. I was participating in a drug study of Keppra, where i HAD to take 3000 mg of Keppra 1500 mg twice a day for 6 months trying to get it approved for partial complex seizures, well ive been on it exactly 3 months today and today was my midpoint checkup, but ive had possitives and negatives. I found out that for partial complex seizures there are only 5 modern medicines used for treatment : Lamictal, Keppra, Topamax, Depakote, and Zonegran, all of which i have taken. Keppra is my last option so im freaking because yes it works but im not THAT stunned with its performance, and im like YIKES im out of options? I was also having abdominal pain REALLY bad on my side, for the last two months and bruising that would come on my legs and arms and last 2-3 weeks at a time. Come to find out, both were side effects of Keppra. I also learned that the longgggg migrane headaches I have been having were from this medication as well, and was prescribed Zomig for that problem, hopefully will help. Also learned Keppra can damage your gallbladder, kidneys, and liver, and when i told my doc about my side hurting, within 10 minutes i was getting a sonogram done, i felt like i was getting stared at ( i look 12) like OMG SHES PREGNANT when i walked into get that done, but im glad it was performed, that test took about 2 hours to do, they looked at LITERALLY every organ in my abdomen, and also performed blood work.

I love the keppra, like i said, it is literally the first drug out of 5 i have tried that have even had a slight impact on my seizure control, but i was pulled today from the drug study because my 110 pound body could not tolerate 3000 mg of keppra, and was lowered down to 1500 mg a day, it was halved.

im sorry this was so long everyone, but does anyone think that maybe my doctor was hiding something he may not of been telling me, when he jumped the gun on not even hesitating when he pulled me out of the study, ordered blood work, performed the sonograms, etc, and got it all done and scheduled all within like a 3 hour time frame?

also was wondering if anyone knew why they ALWAYS ask if your left or right handed when you check into the clinic, or if they only ask that at my clinic? always wondered if that has anything to do with anything?