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Hi Sherri, Any AED I've ever taken that my neuro or epileptologist has taken me off of has been tapered off slowly because stopping them too fast can cause seizures. I know that Lamictal is very expensive, I'm glad I have insurance that covers it. Are you taking Keppra with it? I was told by my epileptologist that Lamictal and Keppra work very well together. My epi is trying to get me off Dilantin. I'm taking Dilantin, Lamictal, Keppra and Zonegran. The scarey thing about going off Dilantin is that I think it's done more for me over the past 20 years than any other AED has. If it's not doing anything for you, try getting off it. Your neuro knows how to do it. Good luck and you'll be in my prayers tonight and every night. Jeff
Hi Jeff,

Yes,I am on Keppra and Tegretol along with the Lamictal.Even all of
that medicine will not control my seizures no different than when I
was on Tegretol alone,so why bother and have to spend all that money.

Yes,my doctor is the one that is weening me off of the Lamictal,but,all
other medicines that I have ever been taken off of,my doctor has taken
me right off of them,whether there was a replacement med or not.

I have had these seizures since I was 4yrs old,I am 44 now.Dilantin,
Phenob.,Zonegran,Felbatol, just to name a few.

Thanks so much for the reply and your concern.