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:p Ok, I finally went to my appointment to discuss my eeg results: i have partial complex seizures of the temporal lobe. So my doc gave me a 2 week sample of ZONEGRAN. I did research on it and I keep geting that this brand is to be "taken with other seizure medications, not alone." What on earth? Also, I've read that it can effect the effectiveness (lol) of birth control (I'm on low-ogestral). Anyone know anything about ZONEGRAN, have any side effects? (I read weight loss is common, which I won't complain about.) [removed], as always, I'm researching the new medication added to my list of problems lol.:dizzy:
i take zonegran by itself also. its a pretty new med and my doc said that its used for a lot of different "off-label" treatments, if that makes sense. like i take it for generalized seizures and it says its only supposed to be used for partial ones. as far as the side effects go the main one that ive noticed has been the weight loss and lack of appetite. ive also had memory problems but i dont know if thats due to the med or not.
For any med, go to the horses mouth. The maker of the drug, whoever that may be, and they usually have the "fact sheet" posted. Your pharmacist may also be able to help provide you with information (detailed) not just the shortened version they usually hand out.

In my case, with Zonegran, Teg, Dilantin, and Keppra I had problems... The weight loss kicked in majorly in my case. I could eat like a horse, but not gain weight (only drop).

I ended up getting off it due to a problem with another med's levels becomming very high. We first thought it was Z (being the new drug) and only on it for less than 3 weeks. When the blood work came back it was obvious the other drug was causing my problems.

When I started a drug "similar" to Z a few months later; I cross-dropped that drug halfway before starting the new drug to avoid the same problem again. No problem that time, and one less drug in my system!

IF you are starting on Zonegran, Watch your weight almost DAILY. Mine dropped so fast it was shocking. If you notice any problems med related, CALL right away. If weight loss is fast, CALL.

For a lot of people it works great. I was on 4 meds, so there were more chances of drug interactions and or problems.

I took my first pill last night.. I weighed myself today and it said I'm 4lbs lighter and I had one slice of pizza today and was stuffed. I dno if it's THAT possible to get the side effects that soon.

How fast did you lose weight? I'm wondering if it would be a bad thing for me.. I'm 5'2" and almost 140lb, so I could use a little weight loss.

I've read some very odd treatments for zonegran, like weight loss (duh), but also depression and things like diabetes on this site! (I used the advanced search on healthboards.)

My main concern is this whole feeling like a zombie from this medication.