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I hope your neuro let you know that Lamictal in known to have a really nasty and possibly lethal side effect. It occures more often in kids and when raised too fast. It can cause a rash of some type. I'm not familliar with it because I had no problem with Lamictal. I was taking 300mg Dilantin, 400mg Zonegran, 2000mg Keppra and 400mg Lamictal. My epileptologist looked at my seizure record at my appointment a year ago and raised Lamictal to 600mg and Keppra to 3000mg the next day.I had no problem with the increace. I still take all 4 meds, I'm very tolerant of the meds so I can't say about anyone else. Good luck and you and your loved ones will be in my prayers tonight. Jeff