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My doc ssaid i have complex partial, temporal lobe epilepsy and gave me zonegran. Well, I've been taking 100mg for a week and I've lost about 6 lbs. Aparently common. My doctor told me to take it right before bed, which technically is at different times, but the pamplet says to ensure its at the same time every day. I never did this, just took it before I went to bed. I've been sleeping for 10-15 hours a day, and when I go to bed, I kick the sheets and toss and turn for 2 hours or more. Anyone else?
im on zonegran too. ive had the weight loss issues that you're describing, as well as some others. in regards to when i take my meds i dont take it at a specific time everyday. its just whenever i go to bed, which is different every night. i dont think thats a big deal, a least for me. and as far as the falling asleep problem i used to have trouble but its not so bad anymore. i did take some tylenol PM for a while when i couldnt sleep. it helped a little. thats what i would reccommend for that side effect.
I've been on Zonegran for about 2 years now. weight loss is a very common side effect, it's so common that the company that makes it wanted to get it approved as a weight loss pill! They didn't get it approved because of the danger of seizures if you stop taking it suddenly.

Another common side effect of Zonegran is kidney stones, If you take a larger dosage for an extended period, watch for that. I'm concerned about kidney stone because I also have diabetes.

Other side effect it's hard for me to tell because I'm taking so many other AEDs. Now I'm taking Dilantin, Lamictal, Keppra and Zonegran.

I take my meds at the same time every day because I take it with my insulin which I've been taking for 38 years, 6AM and 6PM. There are some good things to having diabetes other than loosing a led and heart attacks.LOL

Good luck with the weight loss problem and you and your loved ones will be in my prayers tonight. Jeff
Evening all,

I have been diagnosed with epilepsy since 2001 and have had a fun time in the UK with the various med's. At the moment i am glad to have just found this site it has already answered many questions, i have been on Levetiracetam for some time now 1500mg twice a day but not working so dropping off that and onto Zonegran. Started October 2006 up to 100mg twice a day now and expected to go to 200mg twice a day in total by end of March.

..sigh... But those side affects are starting to show again already,
I think I've said that before, been here before, sorry what, what did you say....... etc. etc.

Careful with your doses, zonegran has about the worst missed dose affect in my opinion, instant head explosion minor psychosis session just over 24hours after missed dose!

Joe, sleepless in Cleveland, United Kingdom.