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HI Pinky, I am so sorry you are having so many seizures. I DO understand for my son, Tripp has them everyday too. He had a grandmal seizure Sunday evening and has one about once a month. He also had complex pratials( I guess that is what they are called) His head will turn left and IF he is standing he will go around in a complete circle. Today he had 2 drop attacks. He recovers quickly, goes about what he was doing before the "fit"and for that I am thankful!!! BUT I want them to STOP!!
He has been on many add ons to Tegretol xr....he has been on ZOnegran, Topomax, Depokate, Pheno and Lamictal as add ons to Tegretol xr. RIGHT NOW he is taking Tegretol xr 400mg three times daily....PLUS 1500mg of Keppra in the morning and 1250 mg of Keppra in the evening....NO HELP!!!
Neuo does not seemed to be concerned about these partials because they are mild but I want him seizure free. He is mentally delayed and limited speech so he is not able to tell me when he feels one coming on.

Tell me what happens when you have a seizure.....how do you feel after?
I hope you can get control of them.