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Energy is still down; Appetite issues started at 300mg/day and has not improved.

It's one of those "it controlls it better than before" situations.

I can live with having to learn to force myself to eat. I wish I would have known that PRIOR!!! Not having the energy to pull a 10 mile bike run like I could the summer before is not fun, but having less seizures is a lot better.

The other issue that can come up is my sleep cycle can get out of normal and it may take nearly a week to get back on track in MY case. Unsure if it is related to any of the medications or not. I never had that problem before when I could pull 24 and 48's with driving.

The med prior (Zonegran plus one more med) didn't work PLUS I lost 25% of my body weight and had to move into my folks house for a few weeks until I was stable.

I'm not trying to scare you off; but give it a try and SEE if it works. Topa has been a good med for me; but I am considered on the high side for a dose (400-500mg/day) as my levels show.