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There's more meds available then those two, depending on your specifics.

Pheno is a grandaddy for medications (1912 was approved) most avoid issuing it now with the newer meds; Dilantin is an oldie as well (1938). There still is Lamictal (newer, only a few years older than Topamax, so early 90's) Carbatrol is a variant of TegXR if TegXR doesn't work for people. Gabatril was another that was late 90's (1997)

Zonegran is similar to Topa but different. I couldn't handle Z but Topa is working fine for me.

Remember **each med** acts differently, and won't work for everybody. Some only treat partials and are used as add on drugs if a persons seizures occur in a specific region of the brain or exhibit some symptoms, meaning they cannot be used for all cases.

So to answer your question about options, there are still options out there for medications. Your Dr may need to be prodded, or if covered, an Epilepsy specality clinic if one exists in your area.