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hey all~! ive been here before.
I have partial complex temporal lobe seizures, joy, and i'm on zonegran.

well, I've been geting these "spells" as I call them where I feel that I'm going to suddenly drop from extreme tiredness and I feel like i need to sleep. I don't respond very well to people when they ask whats wrong- i feel like i'm too tired to even talk, and i get held up by my friends/boyfriend sometimes.

my doc said because it doesnt happen every day and i take the pills everyday that it's not a sideeffect from them.. hmmm...i haven't noticed any specific causes of these "spells" but during sports practice we did "suicide sprints" and i got one sortof afterward.

could this be some sort of break through seizure? or sideeffect? another random question: if its "temporal lobe" seizures (memory section) can that effect your memory because my memory has gone to crap. literally.

thanks ! :-D
I am also seriously wondering about your weight since being on Zonegran. I was 140 and now am 104lbs!! This drug shouldn't be on the market in my opinon. I had a really hard time getting on it first of all. I was put on 300mg's for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and am 30 yrs. old now. I was on Depakote for 14 yrs. with no problems until I developed Life threatening Pancreatitus. I was forced to change seizure meds and went on Zonegran. Found out quickly that all these new meds come along with side effects that require more meds. to mask their side effects like anxiety. All I know is that I was often run down on Zonegran and moody and never wanted to eat anything. I mean anything. I almost couldn't even force myself to eat. I started seeing a Endocronologist due to the Pancreatius issue and sohe was well aware of all the medicine switching and the loss of appetite and was closely watching my weight. Every tim I saw hime (which was often to see how I was healing from the other issue) he waschecking weight and every time I weighed less and less. Finally he told me that I absolutley couldn't get myself to eat that was one reason why I was tired and run down all the time and also probably the Zonegran too. But he told me to start drinking those Carnation Instant Breakfast's because even though your not eating food, your drinking it. It carries all the vitamins and minerals you r lacking daily. You should probably have one at least 3 times a day. He told me not to go for the vitamins that I already had tried doing but my bodied just wasn't stong enough and I got really sick and literally almost died. Believe it is possible to O.D. on vitamins especially if your body is too weak for them to process. He also told me to take (I know this may sound stupid) bu ake two Flinstone vitamins a day because those vitamins your body can handle. Try that. Zinc 220 micro grams is also another good way to increase your appetite. But to be perfectly honest with you I did all that and on occasion when I don't feel much like eating - I will still reach for the Carnation Instant Breakfast and it always makes me feel better & gives me more energy than I had before. I do not reccomend this drug I was seriously look into switching to something else and just so you know Topamax will do the same thing to you. I know because I have already been down that road. Try Lamictal or something else that won't suppress your appetite so much. Goos Luck
My Neuro (well Epi) also suggested the Instant Breakfest Drinks for me. I'm one of those that never was in the swing of having a morning meal. I just didn't like the taste (grin). Too bad Coffee doesn't have nutrition.

Topa is similar in chemical to Z, but different; not as bad in causing drastic weight loss. The two drugs ARE related if you look at the technicals.

For Topamax I had the appitite supression kick in at 300mg/day; it took me a little bit to figure out what was going on and how to deal with it. They had raised me up to as high as 500mg/day, currently I am down slightly from that dose.

Anyway with Topamax it fools the mind into thinking you (the patient) are not hungry, so you need to learn to force yourself to eat. I found out sadly I could go more than a day and I was NOT HUNGRY when I should be after a stretch like that. I can't find products for weight GAIN on the market, it's always weight LOSS!!

Also with Topa (I wasn't on Zonegran that long to say much other then my rapid weight loss) I found Aroma's triggered the desire to eat (mainly seafood for my case) so I used that to my advantage being I like seafood.

Best of luck

P.S. if you can efford it, a few times a week buy the pasta salads at the local deli so you don't have to prepare a meal if you can eat that type of food. No prep work, easy to eat. A little more expensive, but nothing to do on your end but dish it out of the container.