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I saw my neuro last week. He is taking me off the keppra and I'm going on to zonegran. It was between zonegran and lamictal, but we went with zonegran because of the slow titration time with lamictal, so it would actually have taken 4-5 weeks to get up to a reasonable dose.

I procrastinated for a while, since I was moving and then out of town, and couldn't find my list from my insurance that said whether or not it was covered. Finally found the list and it is covered, but then I got an even nicer surprise when I got it filled and found out that it is available as a generic. Yay!

So I'll start it tonight.

I'm still trying to find a psychiatrist who is taking new patients. I've called I think four different offices that were recommended by the neuro (and also some that were recommended by the places that aren't taking new patients), but absolutely nobody is even taking new patients at this time. They all said to try calling somebody else, or to call back in a few months. Good thing it's not a real emergency! I've got one more major place to call, then I'm totally out of referrals and ideas.

My neuro said that I could try getting off the lexapro, since I felt better off of it. He thought that maybe I could try going off, and perhaps I'd just need to take it intermittently. The problem with that is the difficulty in getting off the lexapro. Not a good one to stop, then start and stop again when you need it. So I asked if he could write a prescription for prozac, since that has no withdrawal effects (at least for me). But he said no, since he's not a psychiatrist and doesn't know those meds as well. Hmm.... he was okay with telling me to stop taking the lexapro, but won't prescribe something else? Oh well. I guess I'll just stay put until I see a shrink.

The other attractive element of the zonegran is the weight loss. I could certainly use some help in that arena. He said lamictal shouldn't cause weight gain, but generally doesn't cause weight loss. So the zonegran sounded like a good choice. Plus, I'm sure that the lamictal is not available in generic, so it's more money.

Now we'll just have to wait and see if the lexapro and the zonegran can play nicely with each other.