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Hello. I really don't reccomend Topomax for anyone... Yeah - it made me depressed and I had MAJOR weight loss. I was on 300 mg's a day. Also, one note to consider, I would try Lemictal. It has been working well for me on 300 mg's a day. No appetite suppresent at all really. & I have been through Zonegran, Topomax, & my first, Depakote.
I must warn you that Depakote came out with a warning label to pharmacy's in July of 2002 that Depakote can cause Pancreatitus!!! Mostly the onset is within 2-3 weeks of being on it. I was on it for 14 yrs. No problem, but all of a sudden I got it & let me tell you, it was hell. I would strongly urge you to get off of it.
I am mostly one who will have grand mals but I do have the little ones too. I have been told by many a epi doc. that Depakote is the BEST one at controlling the partials. I had no side-effects from it. It was great for a long time, but caused me utter hell in the end. I have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. But no matter what, I suggest you look into it.