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My wife and I have been reading a ton of the posts on here, and they are all very helpful.

I recently married the most wonderful woman in the world, and even though she has epilepsy, it hasn't managed to hurt our marriage. There are many questions that I have, since I am new to this, and I was hoping that I might be able to get some answers here.

1) We are going to start to try to have a baby here soon, and we were wondering what kind of information you guys may have for us. What kind of medicince were you on during your pregnancy? Did anyone have any seizures during your pregnancy? Did it hurt the baby? Are miscarriages common?

2) My wife is taking Lamictal and Zonegran right now. The Zonegran has some MAJOR side effects, and I am trying to help her get through them. Her appetite has gone from little to non-existant. I try to make her eat, because I know that her body needs the nutrients, but this only makes her nauseous. Any words of advice here? She has lost 20+ pounds in the last year, and this worries the hell out of me, especially since we are thinking of getting pregnant. I know this wouldn't be healthy for the baby.

I can't wait to get to know this community more, and hopefully learn a lot about this disease that will help our family.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
She needs to talk to her neuro before trying to have a baby on those meds. ANy woman taking epilepsy meds should be taking Folic acid (a vitamin suppliment) even if she is not planning a pregnancy, as well as calcium. since pregnancy CAN happen even accidentally and most AEDs can deplete calcium it is a REALLY good idea. Yes, ZOnegran can really decrease appetite!! My daughter was on that for a year and lost weight.

Pregnancy needs to be discussed with the neuro, preferably ahead of time, since meds might need to be adjusted as hormones change and weight changes etc....

COngrats on your marraige too!!!

I hope things go really well for both of you!!! Best wishes!!!