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ok so i had 2 veegs this past summer and i didnt have any of my big seizures(grand mals, or w/e they are) just some absence ones. i was going to a neurologist who i didnt like very much. he didnt believe in putting ppl on more than one med, but i kept having seizures on all the diff meds he tried. i would have 2-3 grand mals a wk. i was originally on tegretol but he then switched me to topamax, lamictal, zonegran and none of them worked. i threw in there that i thought that they might be secondary but he didnt think so. but the weird part is that i was on tegretol since i was 5 till i was 16 or so and thats for partial seizures. it worked really good. i only had like 10 seizures in 11 yrs, the only reason i switched was bc he thought that tegretol was the wrong med for the type of seizures i have. after the zonegran i was put on depakote. i really didnt want to go on this med bc of the side effects but he basically said this is the last resort...i really didnt like this doc, but apparently he was the best one in austin. so i then decided to switch docs and now i go to an epileptologist in dallas. he has me on topamax and depakote, and he actually listens to what i want. i havent really talked to him about them being secondary yet, ive only seen him a few times. and the meds seem to be working. ive gone the longest i have gone w/o a grand mal in a long time (4 monthes!!!)