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Hello everyone! I am litterally about to lose my mind with this situation and really appreciate any feedback I can get. My 16 year old son was in a car accident in December. All his Ct scans came back negative but his neck was severely sprained. He went home and we thought he was fine. He would complain of headaches and i would give him Motrin and he wouldnt mention it anymore. Then the last few weeks the headaches have gotten worse. I took him to the doctor and he sent him to neurology. The doctor does a spinal tap and says his open pressure is 230 and that it is elevated but not that much. She said he coiuld continue his sports as long as he takes his medicine. She prescribed him Zonegran. I researched it on the internet and that medicine is for anti sezieres. So I waited til his tap and I asked her about it and she jumped down my throat for looking on the interent. She said it was used for other things too. Then I heard her say the opening pressure was 23 to the nurse and she walked out the room. I aksed the nurse what the normal was and she told me 25. Now I go looking on the internet for things about intercranial pressure and i see the normal result should be 13. I dont know. I know it is totally driving me crazy not knowing what is wrong with child. I have so many questions to ask and the doctor makes me feel stupid for asking stuff. I called the next day and aasked the nurse what his diagnosis was on his medical record and she told me it said common migraine and psuedotumor cerebi !! Now I am really tripping out! I have been no sleep and non stop internet browsing about this for 3 days now! I dont want to give him the medicine because i dont know what its going to do to him. he is in high school and his sports are everything to him. I need to know is it safe for him to play football..just so much..any help?