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When I was comming off Dilantin I was being introduced to Topamax. They tried Zonegran 3 months before (similar drug to Topa) and that flopped for me.

TegXR in particular you are advised to AVOID Grapefruit and grape fruit juice, especially WITH the medication or within a few hours of taking the med. If you are taking it 2x/day; it is usually safe to have a grapefruit at lunch; just not CLOSE to your dose. There may be a few other acidic fruit or vegtables that have a same or similar Ph level to avoid. However Grapefruit is the most commonly eaten.

The issues with TegXR and Grapefruit is it somewhat cancles out the extended release. It's the acidity of the Grapefruit that causes problems. Orange is FINE to eat.

Teg and sun exposure: Patients tend to become more sensitive to sun, tan easier basicly. Over all these years I have not had burning problems. BUT if you lay out in the sun MAKE SURE to lather on the sun screen. Summer time wearing my Sandles I develop tan lines very easially that last even after Fall comes. Doesn't take much for my Teva Tan to become deep on the foot.

Here is one that caught me off guard when they switched me to TegXR. The capsuls (the pill is in a casment basicly) pass THROUGH your digestive system, they do not disolve. Needless to say I was shocked when I noticed that and was not warned before hand. So yes that is perfectly normal to see it in the porcelain.

In theory we should start a new thread if you have more questions about your treatment; it's getting off topic thread.